Digital Marketing Services

Juxt Media provides digital marketing services that drive more awareness, traffic, and leads right to your business. We have systems that drive predictable revenue for a variety of industries.

Customized Digital Marketing

The digital marketing game has changed pretty significantly in the last several years and it continues to do so at a super fast rate. What most don’t realize is that with new technologies and digital media getting more affordable, there really isn’t much standing between you and what took millions to produce and distribute just a decade ago. We have crafted and executed on custom digital marketing strategies that have made our client’s stoked beyond measure and we would love to chat about how we can do the same for you.

With the right digital marketing plan in place and the right team to execute (eh ehm… Juxt Media) you can reach your audience like a pro, and as long as you have an awesome product or service, and you deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience, you are golden.

Digital Marketing Done Right

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has been all the rage lately and for good reason. It is honestly pretty amazing what you can pull off these days without access to limitless budgets. There are so many ways to reach your audience, through social media, YouTube, paid advertising, and so much more, and it is more affordable than ever. While the competition is always going to drive the price of ad spend up in order to reach your perfect customer, a few clever tricks and some experience can prevent you from getting priced out of the game. Our team of digital marketers absolutely love building lasting campaigns that drive leads and positive ROI for our clients. The game is always changing, and we are always ahead of the curve. If you want more leads and have an awesome product or service, you should reach out about working together. 🙂

Our Other Services

Our business model is focused on using compelling content in the form of well produced videos to get and keep the attention of your ideal customer and drive leads with highly targeted marketing campaigns. It is totally cool if you only need digital marketing services as described above but if you are looking for more, we have you covered there as well. Our video production skills are on point, and if you are interested in combining the video and marketing, you are in for a treat.

Video Production

If you only need a video or 10 filmed and aren’t really interested in us using those videos to drive leads straight to your sales team, we get it, no hard feelings. We would be happy to help.

Video + Marketing

Interested in the total package and seeing just how many leads we can drive for your business? Combining well produced videos and ninja like marketing solutions can be your super power. Interested?

“Working with Juxt was an absolute pleasure! We could not be happier with our videos and the lead generation works! They are very professional, kind, engaging, and are great at what they do. Thank you guys!”

Hilton Thompson

Event & Content Manager – Atlanta Tech Village

Ready To Make Leads Happen?

We manage everything for you. We script your story, we create compelling content, we apply years of marketing experience, we create targeted ad campaigns, we deliver leads right to your door. Your involvement is minimal, your return is maximized.

“Wonderful work. Helped us craft a super compelling story with video, on time, on budget. Hit a huge deadline for us. A+++ WOULD DO BUSINESS AGAIN!”

Charles Brian Quinn

Greenzie CEO

Ready To Rock?

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