Content Marketing Services

Juxt Media provides content marketing services that drive leads using compelling stories and highly targeted ad campaigns.

Quality Content + Targeted Marketing = More Leads

It is no secret at this point that your company needs to be creating content and telling stories. What seems to be a secret is that just creating content and slapping it up on your website and social media accounts will not make the phone ring. We not only do we create amazing content that tells your story and that of your clients, but we also use that content to drive your site visitors to take action and reach out.

Our approach is actually quite simple and it has proven effective time and time again.

  • Amazing content that’s worth sharing

  • Highly targeted marketing campaigns

  • Lead generation that scales with ease

  • More leads = happy dance

Our Content Marketing Services

We create amazing content, film videos, provide marketing services, and ideally, we provide it all. We get it though, sometimes you already have videos or have a marketing department and just need content for them to market. So we are not going to only work with people willing to sign up for the whole shebang. We love videos, we love marketing, and we really love video marketing, but if you just need a video, all good, or just marketing, all good. We would love to work with you and your team either way.

Video Production

If you only need a video or 10 filmed and aren’t really interested in us using those videos to drive leads straight to your sales team, we get it, no hard feelings. We would be happy to help.


Not only can we create amazing content as outlined on this page, we also manage marketing campaigns that use said content to drive more targeted leads right to your business.

Video + Marketing

Interested in the total package and seeing just how many leads we can drive for your business? Combining great content and ninja like marketing solutions can be your super power. Interested?

“Working with Juxt was an absolute pleasure! We could not be happier with our videos and the lead generation works. They are very professional, kind, engaging, and are great at what they do. Thank you guys!”

Hilton Thompson

Event & Content Manager – Atlanta Tech Village

Ready To Make Leads Happen?

We manage everything for you. We script your story, we create compelling content, we apply years of marketing experience, we create targeted ad campaigns, we deliver leads right to your door. Your involvement is minimal, your return is maximized.

“Wonderful work. Helped us craft a super compelling story with video, on time, on budget. Hit a huge deadline for us. A+++ WOULD DO BUSINESS AGAIN!”

Charles Brian Quinn

Greenzie CEO

Ready To Rock?

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