Our Work

We have showcased some of our recent work below so you can get an idea of what we are capable of. Some are short, sweet, and funny, and some tell more of a story. We do it all and hope you enjoy the videos we showcased below. So grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and just hit play.

Endavo Media

Endavo Media offers a free 30-day trial to their super awesome OTO platform, but a lot of people signing up were not continuing passed the free trial. They dug in and realized that the people who didn’t go through the process of creating their account were much more likely to not stick around. So we solved that with a quick and fun account setup tutorial video they see immediately after signing up!

Meta Music Education

Meta Music located in Sandy Springs GA takes a unique and effective approach to teaching music and we uncover their secrets in this here promo. If this doesn’t inspire you to learn to play music then we are just not sure what will.

Acuity Client Case Study: Sideqik

We worked closely with our client Acuity to determine the best way to reach their target customers and decided on two of their clients and told their stories. These videos coupled with landing pages and targeted marketing campaigns continue to drive predictable leads for Acuity.

Acuity Client Case Study: Marketwake

In working with Acuity we decided on two audiences to target with our marketing campaigns, one being SaaS, the video above for Sideqik, and the other being agencies and service companies like Marketwake, featured here in this client story.

Atlanta Tech Village Event Spaces

Working with the team at the Atlanta Tech Village was an absolute blast. We managed to drive an average of 27 leads per month to help them book their amazing event spaces. These videos turned out awesome and the ad campaigns delivered big time.

Greenzie Autonomous Lawn Mowers

Greenzie needed a hype video for their autonomous lawnmower and came to us to create what we think is a pretty fun and engaging video showcasing the various features of their awesome product. They were a blast to work with.

Mountain Bike Atlanta Promo

As outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of the local trails here in Atlanta, it was an honor to film a short video for MTB Atlanta in order to help them promote the volunteer trail days at Sope Creek. This was such a fun project and has certainly done it’s job in driving awareness and attendance for the MTB Atlanta trail days.

Bookkeeping Can Feel A Lot Like This

Much like the Grandma video above, we decided to have fun with another short video that would be engaging, funny, and creative. These short videos do very well in capturing the audience’s attention on YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Grandmas Make Bad Bookkeepers

Well, when the pandemic struck and filming in person was put on pause, we had to continue to get creative for our client Acuity. We did so by drumming up some ideas on how to get people’s attention and we decided on a few concepts using stock video footage and some clever punchlines.

Luella Floral & Farm

Telling the Luella Floral & Farm story was honestly quite easy, as the story told itself. This was a fun video to produce and we really loved the way it turned out, as did the client.

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