In today’s digital age, video is a growing medium for information and entertainment. We have YouTube channels, video games, video chat apps… video is everywhere.

Many marketers have been using video to their advantage in email marketing, so let’s break down how you can use video in email marketing.

What video to include in email marketing. By video, we mean video footage of yourself talking about your product or services, not video games or other video content intended for entertainment purposes.

Your video could be a whiteboard animation video, Or it could be something that includes you (the person running your business) and the product/service you’re selling.

Both of these videos are great examples because they utilize video effectively while showing off products at the same time. Another example would be an office tour where you walk around your workplace and talk about why this company is awesome to work with.

You can also have someone else record you, instead of being in front of the camera yourself. You can also include video footage of your product/services in action.

In this video, they show off their new app and explain what it is. This video works well because there’s a person talking on-screen about the product while showing a video of the app being used.

If you’re going to feature someone else on video, make sure they’re a true representation of who you are as a business.

Using video in email marketing campaigns.

It goes without saying that video will take up more space than an image would when it comes to adding content to emails.

First off, the video gives a personal touch to your email campaign that static content just can’t give. Video provides an opportunity to put yourself out there and truly connect with your subscribers on a personal level.

In fact, 54% of people said that they feel more connected to a brand after watching a video about them or their product/service.

This has certainly been shown by brands – 92% of top-performing email campaigns that are video-based have higher open rates than non-video-based campaigns.

So why video?

People are visual. The human brain processes visual cues 60,000 times faster than text, so it’s no wonder video dominates our attention spans these days. Video also provides useful information to your target audience at a glance – typically an intro video will show up first in email clients followed by other video links below the fold.

Email is highly personal – there are few marketing channels that offer this opportunity for connection compared to email. That’s where video comes in – marketers know that video boosts engagement, but people don’t realize how much more personalized email marketing becomes when they watch a short video before reading the rest of your emails.

Those who do video see 53% higher click-to-opens and 48% more email clicks compared to those who don’t video.

Video also boosts the authority of your email messages – video is what people are most likely to share on social media, bringing exposure to your brand and driving traffic back to your website.

You can also use video clips as bonuses for subscribing to your list – Offer video content like how-tos, webinars, or advice that will bring more value to your subscribers/potential customers. Plus video emails look super cool in inboxes!

Tips for video email marketing

Use video sparingly. You don’t want the video to overwhelm the rest of the content in your email so keep it short and relevant. If you have a video intro, keep other links below the fold.

Have text on the screen. We all know video is engaging to watch, but having some quick copy on screen can help break up the monotony and provide additional information that may not be covered in video form. Plus it helps with SEO! :)

Don’t go crazy with video. With 60% of people viewing email messages on mobile devices, the video should be used carefully since it slows download times significantly – only use if your audience is mostly composed of desktops/laptops.

Overall video is a powerful addition to email marketing. It builds authority, improves engagement, and boosts subscriber loyalty – as long as the video is relevant and helps your target audience see how you can help them.

And those are just some of the reasons why video works so well in email marketing!

So now you know how video can be used in email marketing – personalize your emails and consider adding video clips as bonuses to increase conversions!

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