Viral video marketing is a video that users want to share with their friends and family. Viral video marketing is often considered as a video that spreads very fast online, usually as a reaction to funny or shocking video content.

In fact, viral video marketing has been around for years before the term was coined in Greek “by Viral Marketing firm Visible Measures”.

In order to make a viral video for social media marketing, it requires extensive planning, development, and above all testing. A video marketing campaign that goes viral is a video that has been given enough time and effort from its creators. In addition to the video, it also requires a strong network of social media sharing as well as some luck.

Tips on how to get your video to go viral:

Make it sharable – The video should be easy to share on social media. Think of a catchy title, and make sure the video isn’t too long.

Ensure that the video has a title and some sort of message. People usually like to share video content with a purpose.

Include a call to action – Tell people what they need to do next in order for you both to benefit from the video.

For example, in a video where a famous singer asks his fans to send in video responses with their best rendition of one of his songs, he makes sure at the end of the video that he tells them exactly what they should do next: press play!

Don’t forget about video SEO – Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to be optimized for video search.

Video SEO helps guide viewers to your video if they are searching specific keywords related to the video content.

Add humor – Not everything has got to be fun and games, but your video could definitely use or even both elements. In turn, this video should be related to your video content.

Think of funny video clips or taglines that can go viral.

Make video content public – Video marketing works best when the video has got shared among friends and family, so there’s no point in keeping it private.

Ensure that you share your video with as many people as possible on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Keep it brief – Keep in mind that most people have short attention spans, so make sure your viral video isn’t too long.

In fact, video marketers have found that the optimal length is around 2 minutes, plus or minus a few seconds.

Include video subtitles – Video subtitles help your video get indexed by search engines and shared more easily on social media sites. It also makes it easier for viewers who don’t speak English to understand what’s going on in the video.

Invest in video production – Video marketing is becoming more and more competitive, make sure you stand out of the crowd by investing in video production.

Test, test, and test – The video idea may look great on paper but the only way to know if it will work is by testing.

Well executed video marketing campaigns are often made out of several slightly different versions of the video being tested against each other.

There are video ideas that are so good they don’t need testing (even though you still should). If you’re into making viral videos then you probably already knew that!

Viral video marketing requires great creativity and video production. This video type can help marketers get their content noticed by millions of people at a low cost. It’s even advantageous to use video SEO services in order to be found easier through video search.

To conclude, video marketing is a great way to help your video content spread among friends and family members. From there the video will reach millions of online users who may be interested in what you have to offer.

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